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Wokrshop + Mastermind

Register for this transformational program and discover the person you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to create a life you love to live?

Embarking on the “Create a Life You Love” program is a two-fold journey. It begins with an immersive workshop experience, laying the foundation for personal growth. This is followed by the optional Mastermind segment, where participants delve deeper, collaborating and sharing insights to ensure they achieve their personal transformation.

Why should I register?

Personalized Experience:

Tailored experiences ensure you confront your unique challenges and unlock your potential.

Expert Guidance and Support

Benefit from the combined expertise of the “Create a Life You Love” and Elemental Rhythm team.

Community and Connection

Connect with like-minded individuals who understand, challenge and support you every step of the way.

Holistic Approach:

From breathwork to collaboration, reflect and  experience a comprehensive growth journey.

Comprehensive Growth:

Experience a seamless transition from foundational learning in the workshop to advanced strategies in the Mastermind.

The workshop Journey

Kickstart your transformation with a one-day workshop that delves into the three pivotal aspects of personal evolution: understanding your current self, visualizing your desired life, and identifying habits that need change.

Experience a blend of techniques, from breathwork to meditation, ensuring a holistic and immersive journey. By the end, you’ll have a robust blueprint to guide your journey and the tools to make it a reality.


> A comprehensive 1-day workshop.
> Two immersive breathwork experiences.
> Exerices and blueprint to guide your next steps.

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Step 1:

Owning Your Truth

Dive into self-awareness:

  • Understand and confront your beliefs, strengths, and insecurities.
  • Recognize past expereiences and core wounds.
  • Engage in group shares and reflections to gain clarity.


Let go of the past and visualize your future self

Step 2:

Envisioning Your Desired Life

  • Define your aspirations across the 7 areas of life.
  • Engage in visualization exercises.
  • Share your vision and confront any uncertainties.


Let go of the past and visualize your future self

Step 3:

Reframing Habits and Behaviors

  • Assess your daily life: Are your habits lighting up your path or dimming it?
  • Choose habits that illuminate your journey and let go of those that cast shadows.
  • Embrace a daily routine filled with uplifting habits.

commitment to you future:

Step into a new chapter and commit to change.
Are you ready to create a life you love to live?

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This program gave me the push I needed to transform my life and move from blocked to alive!

Marc Shapiro

CEO - Main Event Music


After the foundational work in the workshop, the Mastermind journey takes you deeper, offering a structured 12-week program to solidify, expand, and integrate your transformation. With a blend of breathwork, reflection, and targeted exercises, this experience is designed to ensure that your evolution is both deep-rooted and transformational.

12  Weekly Mastermind calls 
Access to Elemental Rhythm  – (Breathwork courses and experiences)
1 0n 1 sessions
3 Virtual Breathwork Experiences
Online support community
Plus much more!

Want more info about the program?
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Peer Support and Accountability:

Connect, support, and hold each other accountable.

Expert Guidance and Coaching:

Receive personalized guidance and coaching from facilitators.

Collaborative Learning:

Tap into collective wisdom through sharing and discussion.

Goal Setting and Action Planning:

Define objectives and create actionable plans.

Confidentiality and Trust:

Create a safe space for open and confidential sharing.

Intuitive Insights and Introspection:

Tap into intuition and deepen self-reflection for profound growth.

Transformative Exercises:

Engage in journaling and other impactful exercises.

Breathwork for Subconscious Exploration:

Dive deep into the subconscious using powerful breathwork techniques.

elemental Rhythm

1 year memebrship to the Elemental Rhythm Platform

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Who should attend

This program would benefit individuals who are:

  • Personal growth seekers: Individuals who have a strong desire to grow, evolve, and improve their lives.
  • Feeling stuck or lost: People who feel trapped or uncertain about their life direction and are seeking clarity and purpose.
  • Building self-confidence: Those who lack confidence and wish to develop a strong sense of self-worth and belief in their abilities.
  • Healing from past trauma: Individuals who have experienced trauma or carry emotional wounds that hinder their fulfillment.
  • Breaking negative patterns: People recognizing negative behaviors in their lives, aiming to break free from them.
  • Cultivating self-love: Individuals who want to develop a deep sense of self-love, self-acceptance, and compassion.
  • Seeking supportive community: Those desiring connection and support from like-minded individuals on their personal growth journey.
  • Ready to take action: People who are committed to taking action, implementing change, and creating the life they love to live.

The flow of the whole session was great. I liked how you asked questions (probing) to lead into the next section until we identified our insecurities/ fears, and then ultimately a habit we can adopt.

Vivien Wong

Real Estate Agent

Im ready to create a life i love!

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Im ready to create a life i love!

Next workshop starts:


The workshop is a one-day event focused on initiating your transformation, while the mastermind is a 12-week immersive experience designed to deepen and solidify your transformation.

Yes, the workshop lays the foundational work, and the mastermind builds upon it, ensuring a comprehensive transformational journey.

Elemental Rhythm powers the breathwork and meditation components of the program. Participants in the workshop get a 1-month free membership, while those in the mastermind receive a 1-year free membership.

The mastermind is meticulously designed as a 12-week immersive experience. Each week builds upon the previous, starting with foundational self-awareness, progressing to vision creation, and culminating in actionable strategies for change. With the integration of tools like breathwork, meditation, and reflection, the program ensures a holistic approach to your transformation.

The mastermind provides a safe and supportive environment. Participants are encouraged to share and reflect, but always at a level they are comfortable with.

The mastermind employs a blend of breathwork, meditation, reflection, journaling, sharing, and targeted exercises to facilitate transformation.

These sessions, spread throughout the mastermind, use breathwork and meditation techniques from Elemental Rhythm to facilitate deep introspection and breakthroughs.

Yes, by Week 11, participants will engage in action planning and accountability exercises, ensuring they have a clear roadmap moving forward.

While the exact time can vary, participants should be prepared to dedicate several hours each week for sessions, exercises, and reflections.

Absolutely! The program emphasizes continued growth, and there are resources and communities available for participants seeking further support post-mastermind.