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Create a Life you Love Podcast


In this podcast, we interview individuals who have undergone a personal transformation journey, sharing their stories of overcoming challenges and creating a new identity for themselves. We explore the tools, techniques, and strategies they used to identify their core wounds and blocks, create a vision for their ideal self, and adopt new habits that aligned with their goals and values.

Listeners will gain insights and inspiration for their own personal growth journey.

Latest Episodes

In this episode, we explore the incredible journey of Meg, who transformed her life through holistic practices after a challenging battle with addiction.

From her fast-paced career as a television director in Toronto to finding peace and purpose in Costa Rica, Meg’s story is a compelling testament to the power of change.

Embracing her roles as a yoga teacher and a raw vegan chef, she discovered the healing virtues of plant-based diets and profound plant medicines like ayahuasca.

Throughout our conversation, Meg shares her deep dive into breathwork, which has not only supported her personal healing but also empowered her to help others on their paths to wellness.

She discusses the critical turning points in her life, the integration of holistic practices that reshaped her world, and how these experiences led her to a life enriched with fulfillment and self-awareness.

This episode is a heartfelt exploration of how embracing holistic healing, particularly through breathwork and plant medicines, can facilitate profound personal transformations.

Whether you’re interested in alternative healing modalities, seeking inspiration for overcoming personal struggles, or curious about the life-altering impacts of such practices, Meg’s journey offers powerful insights and motivating revelations.

Tune in to “From Darkness to Destiny: Meg’s Path from Addiction to Enlightenment” for a discussion that promises not only to enlighten but also inspire, offering new perspectives on healing and thriving authentically.

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Lisa, an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator, coach and educator. Her life was profoundly changed by the discovery of breathwork. From her initial encounter with this powerful practice at an ayahuasca retreat to becoming a beacon of healing and transformation for others, Lisa’s story is a vivid illustration of how breathwork can unlock our deepest potentials for growth and fulfillment.

Throughout our conversation, Lisa opens up about the challenges she faced before finding her calling, and how this practice has become the cornerstone of her life and work. She shares insights on the transformative power of breath, the importance of embracing change, and the journey towards loving the life you live.

This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the ways in which breathwork can guide us through life’s ups and downs, leading to a deeper connection with ourselves and a life that resonates with our truest desires.

Whether you’re curious about breathwork, seeking paths to personal transformation, or simply looking for inspiring stories of change and growth, Lisa’s journey offers valuable lessons and uplifting insights for all.

Tune in to “The Power of the Breath: Lisa’s Transformative Path to a Life She Truly Loves” for a conversation that promises to enlighten, inspire, and perhaps even transform your understanding of what it means to live fully and authentically.

Join us in this transformative episode as I welcome Wes, an explorer of self-healing and consciousness expansion. Wes shares his profound journey from living in a van to embracing breathwork and plant medicine, illustrating his path towards emotional liberation and self-discovery.

In this episode, Wes reveals how facing personal loss and embracing change propelled him into a deep exploration of holistic practices, leading to significant personal growth and healing.

We discuss the pivotal role of breathwork in navigating life’s challenges, the impact of plant medicine on his journey, and the importance of community in the healing process.

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the power of self-awareness and the transformative potential of alternative healing modalities.

Join us in this insightful episode as I welcome Rob, a passionate advocate for holistic health and personal evolution. Rob shares his extraordinary journey from confronting personal trauma to achieving wellness through integrative practices like breathwork, mindfulness, and nutrition.

In this episode, Rob unveils how his personal struggles led him to discover the transformative power of holistic wellness practices. He discusses in depth the role of breathwork in managing stress and emotional well-being, and how mindfulness meditation has been crucial in his journey towards mental clarity and physical health.

Rob and I engage in meaningful dialogue about the intersection of physical health and trauma, the benefits of mindful living, and the significance of adopting a balanced approach to health that transcends conventional medicine. Additionally, we delve into the innovative strategies Rob employs in his company to foster community and personal growth in the realm of holistic wellness.

This episode is important for anyone interested in exploring how integrative practices like breathwork and meditation can significantly enhance both mental and physical health.

Embark on an enlightening journey in this captivating episode as we welcome Suneel Gupta, a visionary writer and storyteller with a unique perspective on life, business, and the pursuit of Dharma.

Once deeply immersed in the pursuit of external success, Suneel’s life transformed when he began to align his actions with his true essence, leading him from the hustle of entrepreneurship to a more meaningful and fulfilling path.

In this episode, Suneel opens up about his transition from a traditional definition of success to embracing a life rich with purpose and joy. We delve into the profound lessons from his book, ‘Everyday Dharma’, and explore how these concepts have shaped his journey.

Suneel shares his insights on the importance of habits, the interplay between force and trust, and how embracing one’s Dharma can impact every facet of life, from personal wellbeing to professional endeavors.

Join us as Suneel reflects on his personal experiences, from his grandfather’s wisdom to his own transformative moments, shedding light on the subtle art of living a life true to one’s essence.

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking to balance inner fulfillment with external achievements in both life and business.

Tune in to ‘Suneel’s Path to Purpose: Embracing Dharma in Life and Business’ for an inspiring conversation that redefines the essence of success and the power of living authentically.

Discover how aligning with your true self can lead to profound changes, both personally and professionally. Don’t miss this enlightening exploration of self-discovery, purpose, and the true meaning of success in the modern world.

Join us in this riveting episode as we sit down with Jake, a seasoned sales strategist whose life took an extraordinary turn. Once deeply entrenched in the fast-paced world of owning a business, Jake discovered a path that led him from profit-driven tactics to a more profound, soul-enriching approach to business and life.

In this episode, we unfold the remarkable story of how Jake’s encounters with plant medicine and breathwork practices catalyzed a radical reevaluation of his identity, his career, and his view of success. This episode is a deep dive into the transformative power of alternative healing and introspection, and how these elements have been seamlessly woven into Jake’s unique sales philosophy.

Throughout our conversation, Jake shares insights on how dismantling his former self-concept led to rebuilding a life with greater purpose, alignment, and fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

Tune in to discover how transformation can emerge from the most unexpected places, proving that the journey within can redefine the world without. Don’t miss this thought-provoking exploration of growth, change, and the true meaning of success.

In this episode of Create a Life You Love, I welcome Piper Dellum.

Piper shares her life story, detailing her experiences growing up as the daughter of a congressman and a lawyer. She speaks about the expectations placed on her, her struggles with identity, and the various traumas she faced, including sexual abuse.

Despite these challenges, Piper pursued numerous careers, including becoming a therapist, educator, writer, filmmaker, and a delegate for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Throughout the episode, Piper emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, healing, and her unwavering faith in God. The conversation touches on themes of identity, societal expectations, trauma, healing, and personal growth.

In this episode of Create a Life You Love, we take a deep dive with our special guest, Gio.

Together, we explore the intricate relationship between happiness and success, challenging the common notion that wealth is the ultimate measure of fulfillment.

Gio opens up about his personal struggles, from the challenges of entrepreneurship to the internal battles that shaped his journey. He shares the transformational tools he embraced, including ancient teachings, breathwork, and plant medicine, which played pivotal roles in his path to self-discovery.

We also discuss the creation of ‘Create a Life You Love,’ a transformative program designed to support individuals on their path to personal growth.

From the complexities of entrepreneurship to the age-old wisdom that guides us, join us for a heartfelt conversation about navigating life’s challenges and embracing true transformation.

Join us in the first episode of “Create a Life You Love”. Host Jeremy delves deep into his personal journey, sharing the highs and lows that shaped his path. From a tumultuous relationship that left him emotionally scarred to a period of drug addiction, Jeremy’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of transformation. Embarking on a self-development journey, he found his way back to his true self.

This episode serves as an introduction to the podcast’s mission: to inspire listeners to embark on their own transformative journeys and create lives they truly love.

Featuring special guest host, Gio, the founder of Elemental Wellness and Elemental Rhythm, the episode also touches on the importance of community, self-awareness, and the drive to give back.