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This program is a transformative journey designed to help individuals break free from their past, confront their core wounds, and step into a future filled with limitless possibilities.

“Create a Life You Love” is powered by Elemental Rhythm. By joining the program, participants gain access to Elemental Rhythm’s breathwork courses, experiences, and community.

The workshop is an immersive experience where participants dive deep into self-reflection, confront uncertainties, and chart a new course towards a life that resonates with them. It’s a foundational step in the “Create a Life You Love” journey.

The next workshop starts on September 30th. Specific details on the duration and structure of the program can be found under “Program Details.”

The program is designed for anyone seeking personal growth, alignment, breaking patterns, inner peace, purpose, support, change, and true fulfillment.

Yes, participants will be part of a supportive community that understands, supports, and uplifts every step of the way.

The Mastermind is an advanced segment of the program where participants collaborate, share insights, and work closely with facilitators and peers. It’s designed to provide deeper support, accountability, and strategies to ensure participants achieve their personal growth goals.

You can register for the program by clicking on the “Register” button on the website.

The program emphasizes ongoing growth and support, with access to the Elemental Rhythm community and resources.

For any queries, you can reach out via email at

The workshop is a one-day event focused on initiating your transformation, while the mastermind is a 12-week immersive experience designed to deepen and solidify your transformation.

Yes, the workshop lays the foundational work, and the mastermind builds upon it, ensuring a comprehensive transformational journey.

Elemental Rhythm powers the breathwork and meditation components of the program. Participants in the workshop get a 1-month free membership, while those in the mastermind receive a 1-year free membership.

The mastermind is meticulously designed as a 12-week immersive experience. Each week builds upon the previous, starting with foundational self-awareness, progressing to vision creation, and culminating in actionable strategies for change. With the integration of tools like breathwork, meditation, and reflection, the program ensures a holistic approach to your transformation.

The mastermind provides a safe and supportive environment. Participants are encouraged to share and reflect, but always at a level they are comfortable with.

The mastermind employs a blend of breathwork, meditation, reflection, journaling, sharing, and targeted exercises to facilitate transformation.

These sessions, spread throughout the mastermind, use breathwork and meditation techniques from Elemental Rhythm to facilitate deep introspection and breakthroughs.

Yes, by Week 11, participants will engage in action planning and accountability exercises, ensuring they have a clear roadmap moving forward.

While the exact time can vary, participants should be prepared to dedicate several hours each week for sessions, exercises, and reflections.

Absolutely! The program emphasizes continued growth, and there are resources and communities available for participants seeking further support post-mastermind.